Dos And Don’ts Of Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

DO Shop early! Avoid the “Two Weeks ‘til Wedding Day Attack.” Get your wedding dress and alterations early.


DO Research before your buy. The quickest and easiest way to research is by searching online. There are many Web sites dedicated to wedding dresses where you can get useful information about styles, designs, trends, etc.


DO Go to a wedding dress specialist. You should visit several wedding boutiques, and learn from the pros. Of course, keep in mind they are selling, so you should take everything with a grain of salt.


DO Expect minor needed alterations. Even the most expensive designer wedding gowns might need a few adjustments. If you buy your gown well in advance, you may need to alter the dress again a couple of weeks prior to the wedding.


DO Keep an open mind while you shop for your wedding dress. Try lots of things on. Often the dress you thought you’d never like is the one that makes you look and feel the best.


DO Bring shoes with the same height as the wedding shoes you are planning on wearing on your special day.


DO Slip a bustier and a control-top panty hose into your purse.


DO Have Fun!



do this….

DON’T panic if you have to special order! Wedding dress salons can special order your dress faster than you can say “panic.”


DON’T put up with unfriendlysales people. This is your wedding day, your big purchase. The sales person who sells your wedding dress to you should share in your enthusiasm and make it exciting for you.


DON’T take too many people with you on your hunt for your wedding dress. You shouldn’t take more than five people with you on your shopping trip.


DON’T give up! Finding that perfect wedding dress is going to take some work.


DON’T shop after you’ve bought your dress. Instead enjoy the rest of your wedding planning journey



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