Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes


Most women love the feeling of buying a new pair of shoes.  Your wedding shoes will probably be your most memorable shoes to buy ever!


A wedding is an extremely important event in everyone’s life, and people want all aspects of their day to be ideal for this special occasion.  Most brides pay special attention to wedding details, from selecting the venue to picking out the perfect wedding dress. Buying the right type of wedding shoes is one of those important details for planning your big day.


There are many factors to consider when selecting wedding shoes.  The most important qualities to consider for your shoes are comfort and style.  It is essential to strike the right balance between these two characteristics.  During your wedding day, you will be busy the entire day tending to your guests, walking to different locations for photo ops, and dancing the night away with family and friends.  Your wedding shoes should be capable of keeping you comfortable during this entire day.  You need to ensure that the shoes you choose will get you through the day without pinched toes or blisters on your heels.  In addition, you need to consider the height of your heal.  Don’t try to go with a high heel height that you have never worn before.  You don’t want to be walking differently or tipping sideways while walking down the aisle.  You should bring your wedding shoes of choice (or at least a sample shoe with the heel height you desire) with you when trying on your wedding dress so that the length of the dress is suited to the height of your wedding heels.


A good tip for buying your wedding shoes is to purchase your shoes at least a month before your wedding, and wear them around the house a few times so you can put a little wear into them without getting them dirty.  This will give you a chance to ensure you can walk smoothly in them, and it will stretch out your new shoes just enough that they are not too stiff on your wedding day.  Plus, nothing feels better than vacuuming your house with a great pair of shoes on!


Your wedding shoes also need to reflect your individual style and personality as well as complement your wedding gown and other attire.  Today, choosing your wedding shoes is as versatile as purchasing any party shoes.  Wedding shoes are no longer limited to the typical white or off white colors that are sold at wedding dress boutiques.  Although you can still purchase your wedding shoes where you purchase your dress, many brides choose to buy their wedding shoes from their favorite shoe source.  Whether designer or not, brides like to spice up their wedding attire with sparkly shoes, silk slippers, or colored shoes.  Many choose to make their pair of shoes the “something blue” that they wear on their wedding day.  Some brides opt for old types of Victorian model wedding shoes as these shoes are soft and flat shoes made of light fabric such as silk or satin, which provide the balance between comfort and style.


Many brides choose two different styles to wear on their wedding day; one pair for the ceremony and one pair for the reception.  This way, you can wear a pretty, conservative style for the ceremony, and a more festive shoe for the reception.


Having the right type of wedding shoes corresponding with your wedding dress and jewelry makes your look beautiful and glamorous on your wedding day.  Although your shoes may only peak out from under your dress hem for moments, your shoes are often a photo favorite, and are an important piece for making your day fabulous, so choose wisely!





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